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The Monitor

The MilkSense monitor measures changes in the milk alveoli in order to determine the amount of milk the baby receives from the breast, by tracing changes in tetra-wire capacitance and resistance of the tissue before and after breastfeeding. The monitor transmits 40 KHz and 20 KHz signals to the breast tissue at an electric current of about 0.5mA and measures the response signals via electrodes contact over the skin. The measurement is sensitive to the average volume of milk alveoli in the breast.

Power Supply: 3 Alkaline AAA batteries
Rated supply voltage: 4.5Vdc - Internally powered equipment.
Battery Life: Approximately 3 months
Memory size: Up to 1500 measurements (exceeding this number overrides older data).
Weight: Approximately 0.5 kg.
External Dimensions: 5.91x3.94x3.53 in (15x10x9 cm).

Milksense Features

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